The security of your data and your customer's data is incredibly important. There are many considerations when dealing with security and data integrity, and Brown Programming will help you make sure you are covered in all circumstances.
Protecting your data is paramount to keeping your customer's trust. SSL (and its successor TLS) exist to provide both communication encryption and identity verification. Brown Programming will setup and install your certificate so you can feel safe knowing your site is secure.
On Site
Not only does your data need to be digitally protected, your servers need to be physically protected. All sites are hosted at trusted datacenters with physical security, diesel backup generators, and battery backups. Rest easy knowing your data is in good hands.
Keeping a backup of your data can be very important in case of malicious users or hardware failures. Brown Programming will work with you to determine the level of data integrity you require, and develop an appropriate solution to make sure that your data will never be lost.