We want our process to be as transparent as possible, and to gather feedback from you as early and as often as possible. This is why we use a 3 stage development process. Read about each stage below, and how it addresses your needs to get your site online quickly, and exactly to your specifications.
This stage is where our developers design and test your site, and add any new features you request. This site is local, meaning only our developers are able to see it. This stage undergoes rapid development, meaning it is constantly changing and improving. Bugs are diagnosed and fixed in the development stage.
This stage most closely reflects your production environment. It is available publicly on the internet so you can access it from anywhere. It uses "dummy data", meaning you can test without concern of breaking anything. This stage is updated frequently based on feedback, and when our developers have completed a bugfix or feature request.
This is your live site for the whole world to see. It uses your real data, and performs real transactions. This stage is only upgraded once features have been tested and approved. We utilize a zero downtime deployment process, so the upgrades will happen seamlessly for your end users, and there is no interruption of service.