Brown Programming provides hosting services for all of your needs. We deploy your code onto servers provided by Digital Ocean, a trusted name in cloud hosting. Hosting with Brown Programming means you have one less things to worry about. We will work with you to determine your hosting needs. We can provide anything from shared hosting, to dedicated servers with high end specs.
SSD hard drives will improve the performance of your site dramatically. They provide faster disk I/O, and more reliability, over traditional platter hard drives. The faster speeds make the site able to handle more users, and deliver content to them faster. The reliability will give you the peace of mind your site and your data are durable.
99.99% Uptime
Your server is guaranteed to be available when you need it. Keeping your site available means more views, and more sales, so your server being offline is not an option. In addition to the excellent service from Digital Ocean, Brown Programming monitors your site to deal with any problems quickly if they arise.
Tier-1 Bandwidth
All servers come with 1Gb/sec network interface, meaning your connection is blazing fast. Your site will load quickly, be responsive, and have minimal lag to ensure your users have an enjoyable experience. A happy user will help drive sales and return visits. A bigger pipe also means more users can access your site concurrently.